In 1989, Ewald Martin set up in business with a small metalworks, and soon began specialising in stainless steel and aluminium processing. Since then, the company, which is based in Volkertshausen, Southern Germany, has gone from strength to strength.


In 2000, the Stemar Group extended its offering to include drainage technology, and we are particularly proud of the number of patents we have applied for in this area. Four years later, our surface treatment operation was enlarged and modernised.


Our equipment is not just state-of-the-art. Much of it is also equipped for extra-large commissions. We are one of the few companies in Germany to own and operate a TruLaser, which can handle sheets of up to 2x4m. Along with the outstanding and durable quality of our products, it's just one of the ways in which we make sure we stay one step ahead of the competition.



Needless to say, quality management is one of our top priorities, and in 2010, we obtained certification under Germany's Water Resources Act (WHG).